Monday, August 17, 2009

A Start But Not A Beginning ...

It's been said that you must know where you have been to know where you are going. My family history is a mosaic of people and families, influenced by the events and environment of their times, that provides a start to the telling of what my family is today. I'm still working on finding the beginning - a quest that I hope to share with you through this blog.

The history of my family has always fascinated me - what was true, what was to be polite 'embellished', and how did our various relationships as well as those of ancestors contribute to the family we belong to today? What are the blends of primarily Scottish, Irish, and German roots - Haddens, Littles, Gaulls, Foleys, O'Neills, Wagners, Latimers, Kimmerlys, Fitzgeralds and McRaes to name a few - that converged to become our 'modern' Canadian family?

My goal is to use this space to regularly share stories from our family history, including a few of the 'skeletons in the closet', and to report on what is new in genealogy and the family history quest. I welcome your ideas, contributions and most assuredly your corrections to any facts as I may know them.

Until next time ...

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